(2) Tiana

This is the second post from the series I am writing for my project but you can read the posts in any order. Check out my separate blog for more information but I will be reblogging the posts onto my personal blog. If you like it then like it – as well as comment, share and follow!

D . E . L . I . R . I . U . M

Once upon a time, I use to do okay when it came to anything academic related at school.

You know, back when I was sure trying the braided pigtail look would make me more popular, and when I thought all boys were gross except for my super cool older brother.

Urgh, I have to stop reminiscing out this kind of thing now because it’s super cringe.Β Where was I meant to be going with this? Oh right… 

A few weeks ago, I failed the final exam in my History class.


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