Today’s Top Ten(ish): My Favourite Disney Pixar Films

I know it’s been a while since I last posted and decided I was going to write more frequently. Unfortunately, as soon as I made that decision I was then struck down with deadlines and other stressful and time-consuming things which meant my blog suffered. But hey, I doubt there are many of you reading this so I don’t feel that guilty about my constant breaks away from my blog. So anyway, that’s enough of my excuses and on with my list of the day: a collection of some of my favourite Disney Pixar films to date, which means that I’ve probably cried while watching most of the movies on this list as well as highly anticipate potential sequels as I watch them over and over again. Continue reading “Today’s Top Ten(ish): My Favourite Disney Pixar Films”


Today’s Top Ten(ish): My Favourite Books

Starting today, I’m going to try something new on my blog – compiling a list of ten things (or at least as close to that number as I can get) on various different topics. I’ve decided to give this a go for a number of reasons: 1) A good friend of mine is doing it and her blog is amazing! 2) I’m stuck in a bit of a rut at the moment with being inspired to write daily so I think this would be a good exercise to help get rid of my writer’s block and really work my writing muscles. Hey look, that’s a sort of list already! My friend got this idea from this really cool blog post and it is going to be my friend when it comes to actually coming up with good topics to write about. I decided to start things off with a list of some of my favourite books because I haven’t spoken about my literary influences in a while. If you’re reading this post thinking I’m crazy because some amazing texts are missing it’s because either I haven’t finished reading them yet, or they are part of a series which is something I’ll talk about in a separate post. Anyway, that’s enough of my waffle so on with the list… Continue reading “Today’s Top Ten(ish): My Favourite Books”

“Trouble in Mind” Still Relevant Today

Trouble in Mind was originally written by Alice Childress, with the recent production having been directed by Laurence Boswell. It was brought to the intimate stage of the Ustinov Studio, Theatre Royal in Bath all the way from North America where it first premiered off-Broadway in 1955. Although written over 60 years ago, the play’s social and political themes and message unfortunately still resonate in societies today, especially with the events that have, and will, occur as a result of the significant changes that are in the process of being implemented as a result of newly elected governments across the globe. Continue reading ““Trouble in Mind” Still Relevant Today”

A Review of an Old Police Parody Cartoon? I’m on it!

The cartoon series that made its debut in the early 2000’s on ABC and later Toon Disney, Fillmore! parodied popular hard-boiled crime and police dramas from the 70s by using classic tropes such as the stereotypical music, the hard-boiled voice narration, and the three act structure of each episode. By transferring the police show drama to a middle school setting, the series does well to entertain its main audience of young teenagers as well as the adults but with subtle links to mature themes without overdoing it. Continue reading “A Review of an Old Police Parody Cartoon? I’m on it!”

“About That Boy”


Aurora Murray made her way to the toilets before she went to her first lesson of the day. That was her first mistake. But it wasn’t her fault, it never was, it was theirs. The bathrooms in her school were always kept in a disgusting state: rolls of toilet paper unravelled and kept on the floor; wet tissue paper thrown onto the walls and ceiling; as of yet flushed toilets and lack of liquid soap to kill the bacteria. Those seemed to be the only things Rory could bear to look at when all those girls made their way into the bathroom, they drew closer to her, boxed her in quickly, but she couldn’t do anything – no words, no movements, no nothing, she had frozen in complete fear.

They wouldn’t hurt me would they, not at school? Continue reading ““About That Boy””