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So I have haven’t been able to post more on my blog like I promised (like that’s a surprise since I’m not usually very consistent) but now I definitely should be at least posting more often as I’ve now finished my second year of university and have a good few months to kill by doing all sorts of mostly spontaneous things. Anyway, that’s my quick personal update done and now onto the contents of this post. Continue reading


(4) Katherine

Here is the fourth and final blog piece for my project, I hope you enjoy them and let me know what you think!

D . E . L . I . R . I . U . M

Seth Horne was an evil man. The greatest adversary to the people he wants to be in charge of. The very people who would determine his fate as their leader are the ones he’s killing.

You wanna know the worst thing about the whole thing is? We all know what’s going on. This exactly was never a secret because there was nothing we could, or would, do about it. And they know that.  

No one has said anything, and no one will because no one feels fear anymore. Being afraid, scared, and frightened no longer exists – just like it’s been for many generations now.

We lost our ability to be fearful since humanity began believing that we no longer had any threats our existence. As a species, we are arrogant enough to be sure, with every fibre of our being, that we are at the very top of…

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Yellow Car

Yet another project by another good friend of mine. Go and check out her stuff – she’s writing really cool short stories in a series of diverse genres based on cool photos she’s taken herself (I love this one because of the associations I make with it and our friendship). Have a look and let us know what you think about our projects! Angelica xoxo


I walked down Elmer Street with a bouquet of sunflowers, mulling over my dream. It was of Elaine. Blue eyes, curtained by strands of black, and hands that were always balled into fists resting on her laps. Her eyebrows were furrowed and one corner of her lip was slightly pulled back, as though she had just taken a bite out of a wedge of lemon but was trying to play it cool—as she does with most things. But I knew that she was only chewing on the inside of her cheek.

I’ve never dreamed in black and white before, but for some reason, I did last night. Thinking about it, it could’ve been a scene straight out of a movie. We were driving along a suspension bridge, a glowing cityscape in the distance. Elaine was in the passenger’s seat, absentmindedly humming something to herself. We didn’t seem to be moving anywhere.

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I’m not the only one working on a cool project at the moment. Check out my friend’s blog where he’s posting cool crime and detective stories for you to read and interact with. They’re all Bristol based too! Remember if you like either of our work the don’t forget to like, comment and follow us on both our project blogs and our personal ones! Angelica xoxo

Detective Gareth Drake

Saturday: 11.37pm

The first thing I notice approaching the unconscious body lying ripped and bloody in the pit is how the prey is left in public openness. Utter Humiliation.

I’ve lived in Bristol now for 10 years and I’ve never known it to be violent. This looks the work of a vicious animal but surely that isn’t possible. Although I have to accept that this killer is no human in nature. Not only with its anatomical knowledge to dissect its victims but in how its tracks seem to be well hidden. This is no random killing spree; this is a planned act from a prepared assassin, determined to leave his trademarked work on display.

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(2) Tiana

This is the second post from the series I am writing for my project but you can read the posts in any order. Check out my separate blog for more information but I will be reblogging the posts onto my personal blog. If you like it then like it – as well as comment, share and follow!

D . E . L . I . R . I . U . M

Once upon a time, I use to do okay when it came to anything academic related at school.

You know, back when I was sure trying the braided pigtail look would make me more popular, and when I thought all boys were gross except for my super cool older brother.

Urgh, I have to stop reminiscing out this kind of thing now because it’s super cringe. Where was I meant to be going with this? Oh right… 

A few weeks ago, I failed the final exam in my History class.


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(1) Arthur

This is the first piece in a series I am writing as a part of my independent project. If you like this piece and want to find out more about my project then head over to my other site!

D . E . L . I . R . I . U . M

I have never felt fear.

Well. That’s not entirely true.

What I mean is, I’ve never felt fear in the natural sense. Not in the way my ancestors would’ve experienced it for thousands of years before me.

No sudden surge of hormones coursing through my system at any moment. No chills running down my spine when I think something has darted across the room out of the corner of my eye. Not any kind of sixth sense for what my body might consider being ‘dangerous’. Even death itself isn’t something I’ve ever associated with a feeling of discomfort. Actually, I haven’t associated it with any sort of feeling at all. 

Before I was finally able to understand fear myself, I was stuck in Biology class learning about the different types of hormones the adrenal medulla used to secrete back when the ‘fight or flight’ response existed. Except, I’m not actually…

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